Griffin Enright Architects (Margaret Griffin, John Enright)


Respectively professor and deputy director at SCI-Arc, Margaret Griffin, a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Virginia, and John Enright, also a graduate of Syracuse University and Columbia University, founded Griffin Enright Architects in 2000 in Los Angeles. It is by integrating architectural design, urban planning, landscaping, and interior design in one fell swoop that the agency intends to explore new perspectives for the built-up environment. Their practice aims to define original architectural solutions by considering certain information that is often disdained as a structural element of their projects. Their design process is based on a keen understanding and mastery of the material, geometric, and constructive implementation of the project, while also taking into account local environmental data. Griffin Enright Architects has won over 75 distinctions, including the American Architecture Award, the Architecture Masterprize, and the regional and national AIA awards. Their work has been the subject of many publications and has been presented as part of national and international exhibitions.

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