Vittorio Giorgini

Villagio, 1966-1967

Villagio is part of the series of drawings and models of the Décors Urbains Futuribles (Future-ready Urban Decors), which he presented at his one-man show in 1968 at the Palace of Diamonds in Ferrara. Here, Giorgini tackles the theme of the possible configurations of the “city of the future,” a recurring subject in the research projects of the period. In line with his own prior experimentation – which aimed to free architecture from traditional construction schemas and to draw inspiration from new techniques, techniques made possible by the utilization of plastic structures modeled on phenomena present in nature – he created a series of drawings and models (in aluminum) that constitute spaces with multiple uses, associated according to different schemas. Thus, the definition of individual housing pods enabled him to succeed, through an organic composition, in determining spaces with multiple and varied forms, which can communicate via a series of elevated passageways and surfaces. In the case of Villagio, these forms present a configuration full of fantasy, like the parts of the human body seen under a microscope. Thus, dwellings, areas for production and spaces designed for social life become the cells and organic tissues whose forms represent a more natural idea of the dwelling for Giorgini.

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