dZ0 Architecture

Ghost Track, 2002

Presented in 2002 at the 7th Venice Biennale of Architecture, Ghost Track is a digitally designed structure composed of strips of wood that have been woven and vertically suspended in the exhibition space. Outlining a discontinuous, torn, pleated surface without spatial limits, Ghost Track reveals the “textile essence of Architecture” (Gottfried Semper) that its skin and its fibrous nature evoke at first sight: pattern and structure are blurred here in the same design process. “By submitting a digitally projected form to the technique of weaving, dZ0 seeks to take over an undecided space where form is never anything more than its own process of creation, its own effort of transformation” (Béatrice Simonot). Here, the continuous transformation of the drape is neither operative, nor like a metaphor, nor even like a model (pictorial or sculptural) to be reinterpreted, but rather it is an effective force in the process of design. It can be viewed as a process in itself, since “the principle of the drape is precisely to momentarily freeze an occurrence” (dZ0 Architecture, 2004).

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