dZ0 Architecture

Blurred Landscape, 2001

A project for a large-scale commercial space (45,000 m2), presented in the context of a competition for l’Arca/Auchan, Blurred Landscape proposes an urban gradation of the landscape, from the highway to the vegetation. Positioned with its back turned towards the main access road, the building defines its own site as a place of transition by utilizing the program as a vector of this passage. Vegetation infiltrates the framework of the parking areas (1,200 places), becoming a zone of mediation between the hypermarket and the landscape. The sales area is designed as a differentiated space, and not as a neutral area: it is centered on events (promotional, cultural, etc.), and specific zones are organized into a fluid form, defined by precise luminous, thermal and sound parameters. These zones are projected onto the skin, a sensitive film that imprints and expresses the variety of the spaces. An active regulating filter, it acts as a surface for exchange with the exterior thanks to the technical equipment embedded in its thickness (ventilation, smoke extraction, etc.). The “break” created by the roof directs rainwater to a collecting pool in front of the building. The new shopping center is not defined by the “design” of its façade or its trademark. If its skin fulfils a descriptive role, this is first and foremost because the richness of its “texture” is the expression of the variety of its differentiated and fluid interior spaces.

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