Board of Directors

Mélanie Fortier

Antoine Réguillon

State Representatives

Pierre Pouëssel
Prefect of the Loiret Department and the Centre-Val de Loire Region

Sylviane Tarsot-Gillery
Director for Artistic Creation

Fabrice Morio
Regional Director of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Culture

Jean-Christophe Royoux
Fine Arts Advisor – Centre-Val de Loire Regional Office of Cultural Affairs

Région Centre-Val de Loire

Michèle Bonthoux
Regional advisor

Christine Fauquet
Regional advisor

Jean-Philippe Grand
Conseiller régional

Florent Montillot
Regional advisor

Agnès Sinsoulier-Bigot
Regional advisor

Ville d'Orléans

William Chancerelle
Deputy Mayor

Béatrice Baruelle
Deputy Mayor

Qualified Figures

Catherine Texier
Vice-Chair of CIPAC - Federation of Contemporary Art Professionals

Pierre Oudart
General Director of the Marseille-Méditerranée Higher School of Art and Design

Staff Representative

Anastasia Goryunova
Christophe Payen

Friends of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire

Philippe Marcon
Chair of Friends of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire


Abdelkader Damani

Frédéric Chevreux

Artistic programs

Nabila Metair
General Artistic Coordinator

Beatriz Forti
Exhibitions projects manager


Pierre-Loïc Bailleul
Production manager

Caroline Knecht
Production officer

Marie Lefèvre
Production officer


Marine Bichon
Communications manager

Laëtitia Toulout
Communications officer

Eugénie Vaysse
Books officer


Milène Boulant
Arts conservation manager

Léa Herlet
Collections officer

Paul Laurent
Mediation and new technologies officer


Anne-Gaëlle Beaugendre
Reception, education and surveillance officer

André Dumontet
Education officer

Chloé Bruneau
Reception, education and surveillance officer

Johanna Pasquet
Reception, education and surveillance officer

Géraldine Juillard et Sophie Frey
Professors from Orléans-Tours Academy


Christophe Payen
Maintenance and security officer

Violetta André

Morgane Nory
Administration officer

Jamila Kouchane
Administrative assistant

Mathis Engel
Maintenance assistant

Janice Mialebama
Service agent

Yolande Tanoh
Service agent

Aurélien Pierre
Accounting officer (DGFIP)