How do I make a request?


Any request for an artwork loan must be sent at least 6 months before the opening of the exhibition.
For any loan outside French territory, a 6-week administrative waiting period is necessary before shipment.


A letter must be addressed in the name of the President of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire:

Monsieur Mélanie Fortier
Présidente du Frac Centre-Val de Loire
88, rue du Colombier
45000 Orléans
@ : loan[a]

The letter must mention the dates, venue, title, and possibly the itinerary of the event. It must also include the list of works, complete with the name of the artist, title of the work, and inventory number (browse the Frac Centre-Val de Loire collection online).

Examination of the request

If the answer is positive, a letter will be sent to you with a reminder of loaning conditions (borrower’s duties).
A loaning agreement will be signed between the borrower and the Frac Centre-Val de Loire. The loaning agreement specifies the general loaning conditions. It will come with a list of the works and their technical specifications.
Important notice: the transportation and insurance costs are always at the expense of the borrower.

In some cases, we will ask for the following expenses to be taken care of:

  • Packaging (manufacturing, box treatment, postmarking)
  • Restoration, framing
  • Billing of video and film additional copies
  • Scientific expertise expenses
  • Convoying
  • Administrative accessibility fees.

Alteration of the request

Concerning any request for alterations (one or several additional loans, date or venue), it is imperative to send a new letter to the President of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire, at least 3 months before the opening date.