3rd March 2017

In collaboration with CAMPO space Rome (bombaci_costanzo_galofaro_sacconi)

Misunderstandings is a procedure for defining areas of non-knowledge in the collection, and thus proceeding to its re-definition, re-reading and re-writing.

Putting a collection together involves a permanent practice of translating absences. First of all, there are the absences intrinsic to the very act of collecting. Putting a collection together is a matter of sorting and choosing, and as such it is an act of externalization. An endless de-territorialization. Then a collection is also fragments. We retain “scraps” of things from moments of history. The collection hides more than it shows.

The symposium will present and question the project undertaken by CAMPO to read and react to the collection of the Frac Centre Val de Loire through the following reading grid: Fear/Structure, Hope/System, Nostalgia/Form, and Surprise/Limit. For this construct, the vocabulary of architecture is as if transported elsewhere, as if impaired by human emotions.



Gianfranco Bombaci (CAMPO space Rome / bombaci_costanzo_galofaro_sacconi)
Matteo Costanzo (CAMPO space Rome / bombaci_costanzo_galofaro_sacconi)
Luca Galofaro (CAMPO space Rome / bombaci_costanzo_galofaro_sacconi)
Davide Sacconi (CAMPO space Rome / bombaci_costanzo_galofaro_sacconi)
Thomas Raynaud (Building Building)
Ido Avissar (LIST)
Beate Hølmebakk & Per Tamsen (Manthey Kula)
Ambra Fabi & Giovanni Piovene (Piovene Fabi)
Adrien Durrmeyer & Max Turnheim (UHO)
Fosco Lucarelli & Mariabruna Fabrizi (Socks Studio)
Bernard Calet
Pablo Castro (OBRA Architects)


9:30: opening

10 am: Abdelkader Damani, opening speech

10:15: Davide Sacconi & Gianfranco Bombaci: presentation of the CAMPO Space Rome project

11 am: Socks Studio

11:45: Aurélien Vernant: presentation on the Frac Centre collection

12:30: Lunch break in the Turbulences

2 pm: Searching for a new process to reinterpret the collection: visit / performance of the exhibition

4 pm: conclusion

Between 4 and 7 pm : free visit of the New Territories exhibition (François Roche)

Information and inscription

The symposium will be in English and will take place on:
March 3, 2017
At the Frac Centre Val de Loire

Tickets on sale now :

10€ (symposium + exhibition + vegetarian lunch included)
Students: 5€

Cheque to address before the February 20th to “EPCC Frac Centre VDL”:

Frac Centre Val de Loire
88 rue du colombier
45 000 Orléans