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Pascal Häusermann

  • Théâtre mobile, 1970
  • Patrick Antoine metteur en scène, structure supérieure plan, éch. 1/20
  • Drawing
  • Encre sur calque
  • 67.8 x 84.7 cm
  • Donation Pascal Häusermann
  • 997 26 182

Théâtre mobile, 1968-1971

A project commissioned by Patrick Antoine for his troupe of some twenty actors, this theater was designed to float on Lake Geneva and enable the troupe to give performances in Geneva, Lausanne, Evian, etc. The Mobile Theater was made up of two double spheres raised to 2.5 meters above the ground. Their framework was composed of interlocking metallic tubes and clad in an opaque plastic skin. The main sphere, seventeen meters in height, housed the theater, galleries, a foyer-bar and entrances. The second sphere, fifteen meters in height, contained the stage. A void, 2.5 meters wide, around the spheres enabled the actors and technicians to move about. Twelve cardboard pods, deployed as satellites on the spheres, provided the dressing rooms. The public could be seated in the center, in circular and movable tubs, and watch shows on a stage that could be transformed into nineteen different configurations. Built in Thonon, the Mobile Theater was transported to and set up in Saint-Herblain, then in Courbevoie for performances. It was demolished after the death of Patrick Antoine and the breakup of the troupe in 1971.

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