Neil Denari

Tokyo International Forum, 1989

Taking third place in the international competition for the Tokyo International Forum, this project for a vast information and conference center is the result of a new dialectic between architecture, science and technology. The volumes are determined by the acoustic experience, by light and by movement as well as by the total disappearance of any vertical structural system, creating disruptions in the use of the building. The complex can be crossed lengthwise from one end to the other, from the exhibition space to the theater, prompting new ways of moving about the interior. Intended for a gigantic area of 150,000 m² overlooking the rest of the city, this “machine” asserts itself in an urban space as a sort of intentional monstrosity, violating every relationship of scale, both domestic and urban, and made spectacular by its bright orange color and its size. An “aggressive” object, the Tokyo International Forum looks like a caparisoned technological skin, an informative sign whose outrageousness is the result of its intertwined relationship with Tokyo, a city of spectacle, of technological domination and media excess.

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