Jordi Colomer

Anarchitekton/Barcelona, 2002

Anarchitekton/Barcelona was the first of a series of four videos, put together under the overall title of Anarchitekton. Devised as a work-in-progress, the project was developed in both time (2002-04) and in space (from Barcelona to Osaka, by way of Bucharest and Brasilia). As a portmanteau term made up of “anarchy” and “architekton” (meaning an architect/city-planner in Greek), Anarchitekon also makes reference to Malevich’s Architectones, plaster models of a formal architecture, relieved of all functionality and context. In each one of the videos, the character of Idroj Sanicne, a sort of artist double, passes through urban landscapes. His successive drifts describe one and the same lapse. The models of buildings which he brandishes are grotesque banners, utopian provocations. By playing on the difference of scale between the maquettes and the surrounding buildings, which regularly merge in the background, this strange arrangement offers a critical and “disconcerting” way of looking at these urban fringes, where architecture has often developed in an anarchic way, without any real reflection. This questioning about representation is also a direct allusion to the Russian Constructivists who, in the early 20th century, organized urban processions sporting maquettes. The maquette is a poor and essentially tautological object, a pure artifice incapable of the slightest action to do with the city, and seems to have emerged from the wings of a theatre where it would have been used as an element of the décor in an urban backdrop.

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