Daniel Widrig

Degenerate Chair, 2012-2013

The two stools that make up Degenerate Chair are a prolongation of the experimentation with recursive structures that Widrig has conducted on different scales. The material seems to spring from the three legs before bifurcating to create a non-optimised 3D network whose veins grow thinner or thicker to create a dense set of connections. The stools are reminiscent of gothic vaults; of an almost sculptural nature, they seem to have been created through the removal of matter. Therein resides the very ambivalence of these objects, an ambivalence that is heightened by the apparent lightness of the translucent resin employed in their fabrication. Despite their massive appearance, these stools are the fruit of the dynamic distribution of matter in an unstable system; their organising motifs are both ornamental and structural.

Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou

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