Marius Watz

Grid Distortion, 2008-2013

Grid Distortion is an example of the principle of material variation of a single process that typifies Marius Watz’s work. This series of laser drawings on wood panels is a variation of the software Electroplastique #1 (Vasarely Foundation, 2005, 5 min). An explicit reference to Op art and the kinetic properties of Victor Vasarely’s work, this abstract composition is founded on the self-generative distortion process of a grid by attractors. The deregulation of this rational system is visualised in the form of fluid and evolving organic motifs. The surface and colour effects fade briefly to reveal the sole wire distortion; it is this quality that was later used in Grid Distortion and then again in the CircGrid series (2011). The same system was then manipulated to obtain specific visual effects, defining a series of formal typologies. Pure colour is here answered by a graphic, almost architectural quality, whose surprising depth effects are obtained thanks to wire modulations and careful attention paid to the thickness and lightness of the line.

Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou


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