Michael Hansmeyer

Subdivided columns, 2010

Subdivided Columns is a series of columns on a 1:1 scale, designed and produced digitally. With a traditional Doric column as their starting point, they are the result of a digital subdivision process resulting in millions of facets. The ensuing volumes have irregular outlines that seem to have been eroded by the elements. In fact, there is nothing natural in this highly artificial procedure, except for the evocation of geological phenomena such as sedimentation and erosion, here made tangible by various layers of plastic that are superposed on one another without ever repeating themselves. In total, 2700 ABS sheets measuring 1 mm thick, cut with a digital milling machine, are stacked on top of one another, reaching a height of 2.70 m. These sheets are held in their centre by tubes and threaded metal rods. Hansmeyer is here inaugurating a new architectural order, a digital order this time, where ornamentation is not an addition, but an integral part of the material.

Sophie Fétro

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