PCA (Philippe Chiambaretta)

Centre de Création Contemporaine (CCC), Tours, 2007

Made up of more than 150 plexiglas slats, the new façade of the Centre de Création Contemporaine in Tours, designed by Philippe Chiambaretta in 2007, takes the form of a translucent wave forming a discontinuous and moveable landscape. Each one of these slats is lit my luminous diodes, which create an interplay of reverberations unifying all the slats into a whole. The façade complies with aesthetic motivations, referring to a world of forms akin to certain practices of Kinetic Art and Op Art, in which the intervention and movement of spectators are part and parcel of the understanding of the works. The building’s old façade still plays its part as a technical and protective architectural element. The principle intervention resides in the addition of a second skin, a new façade leaning against the first, highlighting the Centre’s at once aesthetic and communicative functions, necessary for its better incorporation in the urban space. Freed from architectural restrictions, the CCC’s façade becomes an atmospheric object, blurring all boundaries between the architecture and its environment, a zone of contact and touch, which spectators must pass through, perceive and experiment with: a “perceptual landscape”.

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