Rémy Jacquier


The exhibition dedicated to the work of artist Rémy Jacquier looks back on nearly 20 years of a practice where design, architecture and sculpture intersect as much as music, literature, philosophy or natural sciences.

His protean work is particularly inhabited by the phenomena of transcription: internal ear diagrams transposed into instruments or models, literary works translated into Braille signs then into architectural volumes ... a myriad of transformative processes operating by drifting from one language to another, from one form to another. Each architectural volume, musical instrument, drawing or musical score is thus created from the artist's use of an "open system of production", favoring a form of aimlessness or franticness in search of a "balancing point between chaos and cosmos.” Often, Rémy Jacquier reveals these variations in series created by repetition, like so many erratic trajectories spawned from the same origin.

Referring as much to the idea of displacement and trajectory as rhythm, line and body assert themselves from the start as fundamental elements of an approach marked simultaneously by a permanent back and forth between the visible and sensitive - between optics and haptics - and by a performance based approach to drawing. Neither image nor representation, considered by the artist as the restitution of an experience lived in the space of a sheet of paper.

Pratical informations

Exhibition from April 27 to September 16, 2018
Opening Thursday, April 26 from 6pm