Baby Visits!

There is no age limit for discovering art!

The incredible, light-filled Frac building is a highly stimulating environment for infants, who are just starting to learn shapes and colours.
Comfortably installed on rugs, children are gently initiated into the world of art and architecture, through a promenade in prose and song.

Workshop Visit

During the school holidays, the children can discover the world of art and computers and participate in the Grand Atelier des vacances [Big Holiday Workshop]: impossible, random forms and optical art await them!

Experimental Visit

Playful exploration of the artworks.

Delve into the discoveries of the University of Madrid during the period when progress was being made to extend the possibilities of computers. Children solve puzzles, pick their own pathway, and use clues to find the password to the Calculus Centre’s computer password. A reward awaits them at the end!

Unaccompanied Visit

Visit the exhibitions autonomously with your group.