Adapted Visit

Would you like to take advantage of an adapted, needs-adjusted visit for a group?

A guide will guide you for 45 minutes through the rooms, introducing you to the worlds of the artists and architects presented. We welcome your suggestions on how to best prepare your visit.

Tactile Visit

Allow yourself to be guided through the various exhibition rooms by a mediator and discover some of the artworks in a tactile manner.

Workshop Visit

The Calculus Centre of the University of Madrid brought together artists, architects, and intellectuals in the 1960s–70s based on computer tools.

In addition to the discovery of their work, participants decipher the code of painter Manuel Barbadillo in order to improve their understanding of the language of art and mathematics. The workshop is concluded by the creation of a collective artwork.

Other workshops are also available on request.

Unaccompanied Visit

Visit the exhibitions autonomously and in groups.