The Frac Centre-Val de Loire provides a new way to meet up after leaving work or class: a pleasant, relaxing time at the Frac with a drink and an easy-going encounter with the rising figures of the current art scene.


Literary meeting with Chloé Delaume

Chloé Delaume is a French writer who has been exploring the intimate and feminine for twenty years through her novels, plays and poetic fragments. She regularly collaborates with artists and is currently an associate artist at the Magasin des Horizons in Grenoble. In 2019, she published My Dear Sisters, in which she foresaw the extinction of patriarchy and the advent of a new world.

Literary meeting in partenership with the Chantelivre bookstore.

Photography © Hermance Triay


Behind-the-Scenes Visits

Discover the Frac as you’ve never seen it before!

Inter-Views Visit

Unmask the artworks with the help of a mediator.

Back to the Future Visit

The Frac Centre-Val de Loire goes back in time and sets a date for you in the mid-1960s! A mediator presents a visit of the exhibition and a dive into the unusual and hip world of one figure from the collection.

Bureau des cadres

Bureau des cadres

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Admission: 2 €