Meeting with Santiago Borja

The Mexican artist-in-residence at the Atelier Calder in Saché (37) will talk about his practice, which lies at the crossroads between art, architecture and anthropology. Born in 1970, Santiago Borja lives and works in Mexico. He revisits some of the icons of Western modernism while trying to reveal their magical and spiritual aspects. Santiago Borja makes use of various objects, places, and key figures from the art and culture of the twentieth century, linking them to other architecture, other ways of thinking, and other know-how from non-Western cultures. The artist questions the notions of heritage and culture while at the same time seeking to cross-pollinate them in order to give new meaning to both.
In collaboration with Atelier Calder.

Meeting with Matthieu Poitevin

The architect Matthieu Poitevin, founder of the agency Caractère Spécial, will present his approach, which is particularly marked by the reconversion of brownfield sites including La Belle de Mai in Marseille.
“Our work often starts where there is a challenge. We are here to verify that the imagination is much stronger than knowledge. As it is not a question of chance, it makes sense that, in order to put each of these desires into practice, our area of activity is most often, though not always, that of culture and of brownfield sites. We are craftspeople, like carpenters, bakers or fishmongers; we are brownfield architects.”

Motorama Showcase

Prior to their concert at the Astrolabe, check out a preview of Motorama at a showcase at the Frac Centre-Val de Loire.
The trio from the south of Russia is making a stop in Orléans during their international tour, giving us a glimpse of their hypnotic, melancholy pop.
In collaboration with the Astrolabe, Current Music Scene.