Making Do

Speaker: Thierry Davila

In the course of his intervention, Thierry Davila looks at practices relating to walking in contemporary art and to the “ontological poverty” that they engage in.

An art historian and exhibition curator with a background in philosophy, a curator at the Mamco in Geneva, Thierry Davila is the author of many books on contemporary art (L'Art médecine, RMN, 1999, Marcher, créer. Déplacements, flâneries, dérives dans l'art de la fin du XXe siècle, éditions du Regard, 2002, In extremis. Essais sur l'art et ses déterritorialisations depuis 1960, La lettre volée, 2009, De l'inframince. Brève histoire de l'imperceptible de Marcel Duchamp à nos jours, éditions du Regard, 2010).

Wandering and Inhabiting

Speaker: Jean-Pol Madou

The author of several books and articles on the politics of Édouard Glissant, Jean-Pol Madou will broach the question of wandering in literature and aesthetics based on this author’s thought.
A doctor of philosophy and literature from the Université Catholique de Louvain (1976), emeritus professor of the Université Mont-Blanc/Savoie, Jean-Pol Madou focuses on the relationships between literature and philosophy, politics and aesthetics.

Polyphony of Wandering

Speaker: Christian Ruby

Christian Ruby will help us to think about wandering not in set terms but in terms of the potential distribution of meanings and values, in order to demonstrate the perpetual reinvention that the term ‘wandering’ is susceptible to.

Christian Ruby is a philosopher and a professor at Beaux-Arts Talm, at the Tours campus. He is a member of the ADHC (association pour le développement de l’Histoire culturelle), the ATEP (association tunisienne d’esthétique et de politique), the Entre-Deux collective, and the Observatoire de la liberté de création. His most recent work deals with the development of a European cultural history of spectatorship, as well as a political theory of the spectator.