Cerimonia, 1973

As the third element in the series of the five “Fondammental acts”, Ceremony is a fable about the establishment of a spiritual and symbolic relation to space. The film, made in 1973, uses as its frame a megalithic slab from which emerge human beings who have renounced “subterranean life” and set up an immaterial habitat. Settling on this sacred pedestal which seals the memory of humanity, people make gestures of everyday life with the slowness and solemnity of a rite: “What we are in the process of making is architecture, because it occupies space and time, as well as the relations between us and others”. The presence of the Histograms as a minimal arrangement corresponds to the synthetic and universal image of that “invisible house” which is indeterminate. For Superstudio: “all architecture on the earth is a building for an unknown ceremony”. The final appearance of a primate, promoted to the rank of “living god” for having managed to resist the assaults of consumption, emphasizes the irony of the discourse and the influence of prophetic film—from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Planet of the Apes.


Aurélien Vernant

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