Antoine Stinco (A.J.S. Aérolande)

Hall itinérant d'exposition d'objets de la vie quotidienne, 1967-1969

In 1967, the members of AJS Aérolande (Stinco, Jungmann and Aubert) jointly presented their three individual inflatable architecture projects to obtain their diploma at the ENSBA. The Hall itinérant d'exposition d'objets de la vie quotidienne / Traveling Hall for the Exhibition of Objects from Everyday Life by Stinco, the Dyodon by Jungmann (pneumatic dwelling based on a rhombicuboctahedron) and the Traveling Podium for Five Thousand Spectators by Aubert (framework and inflatable tubes based on the geodesic projection of an icosahedron). These three projects would also be shown in the Utopie exhibition held by the ARC the following year and were the subject of an article published in the December 1967 issue of Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, “Voyage aux Alentours d’utopie” (Trip to the Vicinity of Utopia).

Inspired by Arthur Quarmby’s research on inflatables, by Frei Otto’s research on fabrics, and by David Georges Emmerich’s teaching on tensegrity, the Traveling Hall is an ephemeral architecture comprised of two interdependent cupolas, one large and one small. Covered by a veil of stretched nylon and placed on a hydraulic base, the cupolas are held in place by two ballast balloons and two ballast trucks, which also serve as the means for transporting the structure as well as the objects selected for exhibition. The lightness of the components and the speed of assembly and disassembly of this architecture ensure its easy mobility.

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