Antoine Stinco (A.J.S. Aérolande)

Architect (1934)

The AJS Aérolande group was founded in Paris in 1966. This partnership brought together Antoine Stinco (b. 1934), Jean Aubert (b. 1935) and Jean-Paul Jungmann (b. 1935), all three of whom were graduates in architecture from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris. They had asked the architect and professor David Georges Emmerich to supervise their research on inflatable structures, which they intended to present to obtain their diploma.

At the same time, Antoine Stinco and AJS Aérolande associated with the Utopie group, bringing together the sociologists Jean Baudrillard and René Lourau, and the urbanists Hubert Tonka and Catherine Cot as well as the landscape architect Isabelle Auricoste. In the wake of the Situationists, the group advocated a renewal of architecture and urbanism, notably by means of inflatable structures. Through the publication of numerous articles (in Architecture d’Aujourd’hui and in Utopie magazine, which they created in 1967), their participation in the major exposition, Utopie. Structures gonflables, in 1968 at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and the production of inflatable furniture, as well as holding many events (e.g., Kiosque pour La rue des piétons, Le Havre, 1972), the Utopie group gained the reputation for being the best group in France representing this architecture of air.

After the more militant adventure of Utopie, Antoine Stinco focused on his personal career. From 1974 to 1976, he participated with the GAU in the renewed interest in urban architecture in France, and in 1979 published La Ville à livre ouvert (the open book city). In 1983, he opened his own architecture studio and has since won prestigious competitions: for restructuring the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris, the Espace d'Art Moderne et Contemporain in the former slaughterhouses of Toulouse and the Musée des Beaux-arts of Angers. His interest in the visual arts and design also led him to develop set design and interior design projects and in the 1990s, to teach at the ENSBA. In 2004, he completed the Maison de la Culture in Grenoble (Le Cargo) as well as the renovation of the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Angers. In 2008 he rehabilitated the Théâtre National de Bretagne and in 2010 completed the restructuring of the Equinox convention center in St. Brieuc.

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