Stéphane Steiner

Artist (1963)

Stéphane Steiner’s output is hallmarked by its extreme diversity, and is expressed as much through painting as through drawing, sculpture, photography, video, collage, and installation. As he himself puts it, “My work is a patchwork made of drawers where the old rubs shoulders with the new and the future”. Steiner borrows from every kind of source, from reality, whether experienced or otherwise, from which he takes various elements and from his memories, his culture, and current events in their many different aspects. Paintings on salvaged canvases (Paysage hollandais) or engraved aluminium (Ferdinando e Stefano al mare; Van Gogh on Acid), photographs of photomontages (Genetix) digital prints on plastified paper (Witche’s Valley Saloon), photographs of cypress trees and bars, an invasion of ants in an art gallery, Indian ink drawings on tracing paper of hairy objects and Donald, and installations on the ground depicting hypothetical industrial sites (Sites series embarked on in 1992), all form the fragments of an intentionally plural and kaleidoscopic praxis. “I am not interested in media for what they are, or by works as results of practices which are autonomous from the rest of the world”. All series are in some way akin to a work in progress, always in a state of potential modification. And if there is a common denominator between each one of them, it is to be sought in the keen and direct eye which the artist casts over the world, both in its at times banal details and in its icons.

Stéphane Steiner (1963) lives and works in Nice. After studying photography and psychology, he graduated from the Villa Arson in Nice in 1992. In 1998, he was offered a residency at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Bourges in collaboration with the FRAC Centre. His works have been regularly exhibited in both solo shows (Galerie Neon, Bologna, 2000; Villa Carmeline, Nice, 2008; FEI Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, 2010) and group shows (MAMCO, Geneva, 2002; Musée de la photographie, Mougins, 2007; La Maison Rouge, Paris, 2009).

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