Damien Sorrentino

Artist (1974)

The multifacetted artist Damien Sorrentino enjoys overlapping genres and disciplines. His experimental approach to music and sound has led him to develop different programming and listening systems (Résonateur, 2003; Radio cigale, 2004; Silence radio, 2004; Réalité fragmentée, 2007; Antenna Project, 2009; Boïdspat, 2009) which involve the senses of the public and question its spectator status (Banc de sardines, 2004). His works also illustrate a sensitivity with regard to territories, landscapes, boundaries and variations which are as much visual (Guo Ban, 2009; E5, 2009; La raison voit trouble, 2009) as they are topographical (Extrusions photographiques, 2007; Banksters territories, 2008). With a keen eye for the abstraction which a medium meant to represent reality can contain, maps, for him, are as much a means of finding one’s bearings in space as one of getting lost. Against a background of humanitarian and ecological crisis, Sorrentino casts a critical eye over the world (Zone d’autonomies relatives, 2009; Oasis Project, 2010). This dimension is heightened when he has the neutrality of a plan or a satellite image rubbing shoulders with the dramatic content of the situations to which these representations refer (Acupuncture et cartographie, 2008). When people question the absence of human beings in his photographs, he explains that abandoned spaces are possible places of renewal within which, in the face of an infinity, the artist can refocus himself.

The French artist and researcher Damien Sorrentino Florentz lives in Nice and has been teaching at the ESAP in Monaco since 2006. After graduating from the ESBA/School of Fine Arts at Cornouaille (Quimper, 2000), he then followed different training courses:  in artistic boiler-making and assisted design (Compagnon du devoir, Toulouse, 2002-2003), in electro-acoustic composition and programming at the Royal Conservatory in Mons in Belgium (2005-2007), and in virtual sculpture and rapid prototyping at the ENSAM in Paris and at the SIRPA in Monaco (2008). He has been awarded various study grants and other forms of artistic assistance, and has taken part in several group shows and artists’ residencies (SCRIME in Bordeaux in 2009, Maison Salvan at Labège in 2008). In 2008, a solo exhibition of his work was held at the Bertrand Grimont Gallery in Paris.

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