MaterialEcology (Neri Oxman)


At the crossroads of design, computer science, engineering and biology, the interdisciplinary laboratory Materialecology focuses on developing new forms of digital design and production. Neri Oxman is a rising star in computational architecture, drawing inspiration from the principles behind the formation and growth of living beings, to devise constructive systems with both physical and environmental performances. She thus makes use of the ‘form-finding’ method: architectural forms are the result of interaction and adaptation to contextual data (light, temperature, humidity, etc.), coded in the form of mathematical parameters. The computer model obtained is thus translated into a physical object by digitally controlled machines. Oxman attaches great importance to computer-assisted production procedures, the multi-performing qualities of materials, and the “digital fluidification” of the production line. Regarding her work as a scientific contribution to ecological activism, Neri Oxman is working on the side of a new intelligence in design and a new materiality, less energy consuming, and more qualitative than quantitative: a Nature 2.0”.

Materialecology was created in 2006 by the Israeli-American architect and researcher Neri Oxman (1976, Haifa). While a medical student, she embarked on architectural studies at the Haïfa Technion (1999-2002), which she then continued at the Architectural Association (2002-2004). Today she is an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2008 she was named Revolutionary Mind by SEED magazine. Her work is regularly exhibited (Venice Biennale in 2004; Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2008; Seville Biennial in 2008; Beijing Biennial in 2006 and 2008…).

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