Jacques Moussafir

Architect (1957)

The minimalist architecture of Jacques Moussafir’s projects follows a rigorous program that he summarizes in five “moments”: taking the context into account, telling a story of the origins, defining the basic components, their articulation and the unification of the whole through the implacable use of Euclidian geometry, controlled materials and colors. And yet, behind the announced rigor, Moussafir instills disturbances in his architecture that tend to redefine perceived reality as well as the physical and sensory experience of a space. The relationship between interior and exterior is a determinant factor for him, as much in terms of the placement of an edifice in its environment as in its internal organization. Projects are designed from the interior outwards, to be able to offer a new way of looking at the context, which can be achieved through the interpenetration of spaces or by playing with their porosity (outside/inside) and with the materials.

A graduate in Architecture and Art History, Jacques Moussafir (1957) founded his own firm in 1993. In 1998, he gained considerable recognition with his Stein House (Suresnes). He has participated in numerous competitions and built several individual homes and multi-unit housing projects (social housing in Paris, 2010) as well as cultural institutions (restructuring the Ecole d’Architecture in Versailles, 2003; concert halls in Alençon, 2008 and Tours, 2011) and urban developments. His restructuring of the Library of the Faculty of Art of the University of Paris - VIII in 2001 earned him a nomination for the équerre d’Argent prize and a mention at the AR+D Awards. Since 2003, Jacques Moussafir has also been an associate professor at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris.

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