In the Lattice, 2002

The interactive installation In the Lattice is the result of Servo’s continuing experimentation with fabrication processes already begun in the Nurbline, Speeline and Cloudline projects. Unlike the earlier projects, In the Lattice enables them to define multiple agents and the elasticity of the ensemble by linking the interactivity of the system with the possibility of multiple and simultaneous commands. The installation is comprised of tables with reactive surfaces, models produced with rapid prototyping techniques and plasma screens. The manipulation of the physical models on the different tables transforms the digital model, which is constantly updated according to the multiple interactions of visitors. Its shifting form is the expression of a “decentralized” process of conception, a network of actors and decisions, thereby eliminating the very concept of a single author of the object. Thus, the physical translation of the object no longer represents an instant T in the unfolding creative process, but a fraction of the formal patterns it may have represented in its virtual form. However, this is not a case of the idea of the singularity of the object, for In the Lattice, this is not mass customization at work, but rather the personalization of a modular system, bringing new meaning to concept of prefabrication in architecture.

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