KOL/MAC (Sulan Kolatan & William Mac Donald)

Meta_HOM Estouteville, Charlottesville, Virginia, 2001-2003

Situated on a superb site of 200 hectares in a hilly landscape near Charlottesville in western Virginia, the Meta_HOM Estouteville house belongs to Beatrix Ost and Ludwig Kuttner, who also commissioned the KOL/MAC firm to design their New York apartment. Another reason this is such an exceptional site is the nearby historic neoclassical house of Monticello, built by Thomas Jefferson between 1769 and 1809. Taking these different features into account, KOL/MAC defined “co-citation maps” based on diverse combinations of hollow columns intermingled with a variety of programmatic and contextual elements. These were then utilized to organize the “meta-house” as a whole under a dissymmetric and self-supporting monocoque structure whose “meta-ensembles” (the micro-HOMzones) have their own programmatic and morphologic identity. Appearing elastic and virtually liquid, the house flows into its environment, reminding us only mysteriously of Jefferson’s. Its continuous and flexible envelope extends right into the interior spaces, creating perfect continuity of the surface between the inside and the outside.

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