Aldo Loris Rossi

Struttura urbana a sviluppo verticale, 1960-1968

Avec Donatella Mazzoleni

Breaking with the juxtaposition of buildings with specific functions, and in order to reduce land occupancy as much as possible, this megastructure project implements a vertical interpenetration of volumes dedicated to different programmes. In this way, offices, housing units, shops, a raised public place, recreational areas and a restaurant all fit together and are overlaid in formally different levels. Here, Aldo Loris Rossi developed his conception of a multi-functional edifice, devised on the very basis of the restrictions associated with each of the programmes. The overall structure is organized around several autonomous structural nuclei also corresponding to the technical equipment (sheaths, ducts, etc.) around which the differentiated volumes radiate. The lower levels contain the offices, service areas and amenities; offices and dwellings occupy the intermediate levels, while the restaurant and its annexes are located on the upper level.

Nadine Labedade

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