Hermann Pitz

Pièce de monnaie, 1992

The process of perversion through motif, a typical feature of Hermann Pitz’s oeuvre is evident in Coin. Small architectural structures covered in old bank notes are presented in it as if on display, like a piece of merchandise, on a wooden plank installed at eye level. As metaphors of the collapse of goods as a result of speculation and inflation, these small objects ironically express the disastrous consequences of an outmoded capitalization. The reversal of scales, and the new ratios which result from it between the large (note) and the small (dwelling), is echoed in the confrontation between the miniaturized space of the “maquette” and the exhibition venue. If Pitz’s small houses are identifiable as such, because they borrow their typological signs (pitched roof, chimney…), the interplay of scale and the introduction of the motif together pervert and seek to distort the hierarchic relations of our cultural and symbolic vision of reality.

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