Martin Pinchis

Dessin pour la couverture de la revue "Art & Architecture", 1965

The sketches done by Martin Pinchis seem to offer a vision of the city of the future. The dynamic projection of darkened masses in space, a veritable leitmotiv, present in all his drawings, prefigures and represents the urbanism of tomorrow. Through his sketches, Pinchis sought to translate a new image of the city, one in which spaces and masses are in constant interrelation. Pinchis was grappling with urban problems of density, and, following in the footsteps of Yona Friedman, he proposed three-dimensional cities, animated by mobility. “A city is not the countryside sprinkled with buildings (…) It is necessary to continue developing a new type of city, which, without destroying the essential qualities and characteristics of the idea of the city, allows for the construction of the new  concentrations of our age based on radically new principles compared with those of the past.” (M. Pinchis) These different drawings, done in ink and gouache, stand out for their extraordinary expressive vigor. They emphasize movement, the dynamic that animates the urban space, which always appears to be in motion, never static, caught in the same instant it is perceived. They illustrate and synthesize the city in an almost abstract, tachist way, seen through unusual perspectives.

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