Emeka Ogboh

Eko'polis, 2016

Designed as part of the exhibition "The City, Faraway", Eko’polis is a novel proposition from the Nigerian artist
 Emeka Ogboh, who combines his favourite material—
sound—with a series of models of towers designed by 
visionary architects coming from the collection of the FRAC
 Centre. This juxtaposition invites us to make
 a sensory plunge into a hybrid urban environment. Ogboh
has worked with various sounds captured in different cities
 around the world, mixed with those of Lagos, also known as 
Eko. This acoustic dovetailing evokes the frenzied growth of
 the Nigerian capital, a megalopolis of 20 million inhabitants 
which is now adopting Western models of development and
 growth. The intermingled layers of sound evoke the complex
 urban identity which is the result, somewhere between
 tradition and innovation. In so doing, the installation ushers 
in a sensitive line of thinking about the future, utopia, and 

Listen to an excerpt

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