New-Territories (S/he)

theGardenOfEarthlyDelights, 2005

Architecte : New-Territories / R&Sie(n) Equipe créative : François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux avec Barbara Ozimec, botaniste Machine avec Stephan Henrich, architecte Collaborateurs : Léopold Lambert, Jakob Ingemansson

Design of a greenhouse for alchemist experiments from toxics plants

1) Collecting the casual plants for both medical, poisons and antidotes uses from the Middle age period in this Mediterranean location (Franciscan monastery gardens).
2) Emission of a toxic lava-like, as a top down existing terraced morphology with a process of liquid-viscosity effect to define the new greenhouse.
3) Introducing three resistant strengths in this dipping down to define the restricted area for cultivating toxic garden.
4) Watering the building by multitudes of porosities of the ETFE inflatable floating cushion.
5) Introducing nasty spikes for supporting this fragile roof.
6) Distillating-Sublimating-Drying-Extracting Machine and alchemist preparation for the metamorphosis of the plants in juices, ointments and infusions.
7) Testing the ‘’Fugu’’ effects of each plant on metabolism, by acquiescent visitors (on specific masochism protocols).

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