New-Territories (S/he)

Pont / Wire Frame, 2001

Architecte : New-Territories / R&Sie(n) - Artiste : Philippe Parreno - Equipe créative et associés : François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro - Ingénieur : Marc Mimram

Design of a bridge on the Burgundy Channel (restaurant of 200 m2, and a public walkway), replacing the old bridge destroyed 20 years ago.

1) Analysis of a 19th century bridge construction (steel beam riveted together on site).
2) Weaving of the new bridge beam in wire material, like a cobweb, with random positioning (like a virus in the brain or engineering software).
3) Deformation of the wire cage to achieve admissible public weight by square meter (walkway 500 kg/m2 and restaurant 250 kg/m2).

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