New-Territories (S/he)

mMyst, Krabi, Thaïlande, 2015

Architecte : New-Territories / M4 - Equipe créative : François Roche, Vongsawat Wongkijjalerd, Benjamin Ennemoser

Construction of an experimental hostel farm with human and birds, including a rejuvenation process of sharing time, based on human-animal mutualism, anthroposophic and ecosophical relationship.

Scenario :
1) Recognition of existing situation / lava emergences / geological telluric landscape / greenish primary forest / natural swiftlets swarms
2) Construction of a Computation and Robotic Fabrication to define a zone of contact, a strategy of aesthetic in correspondence with the existing situation (expanding bio-foam with scrap wood… as a liquid rocky lava expansion, in a "continuum morphology") for a strategy of territorializing technologies.
3) Beyond morphologies appearances, sharing of the biotopes chemistry production from swiftlet.  Production of Bird Nest Soup made from nests (aerodramus fuciphagus) from strands of their saliva as a by-product of their nutritional way, flying by night over the canopy of the tropical forest to swallow fresh insect. Eating Swiftlet nest extract is believed to help maintain skin tone, balance qi ("life energy") and reinforce the immune system. The nutritional value of 100g of dry nest includes 49.9g of water-soluble protein (including amido nitrogen, monoamine nitrogen, non-amino nitrogen, arginine, humin, histidine, lysine and cysteine), 30.6g carbohydrate (glycoprotein and mucin), 4.9g iron, 2.5g inorganic salt (including potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, phosphorus, silica and other elements), and 1.4g fiber (from Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The History of Chinese Medicine and the Nutrition Table).
4) Architecture as food mutualism for Physical & Physiological health benefits / Enhances Metabolism / Aphrodisiac / Promotes Immune System / Raises Libido / Alleviates Asthma / Improves Focus / Anti-Aging / Promotes Growth / Promotes Reproduction and Regeneration of Human Cells / Good Effects on the Skin / Epidermal Growth / Maintains Skin Tone / Strengthens the Lungs and Prevent Coughs / Makes a Better Life...!!! Proof tested by the avatar NT.
5) The building is planned to be demolished after 10 years of occupancy, following the idea to share together an architecture which could be erased, which could die. The leasing contract will be made according to this period. The KS goal is to flatten the experience after 10 years, as a souvenir and recover the previous state of nature.
Postscript : We lost the campaign (only 20% of Kickstarter were reached).

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