New-Territories (S/he)

Architecture des humeurs, 2010-2011

Urban experiment of flat, fat growing processes and entropic indeterminism.

1) Extraction of human chemistry data though a protocol of interview and through Nano-particles.
2) Elaboration of mathematics (theory of belonging) approach to reveal the “malentendu” (misunderstanding) between the notion of “free will” and the headless bio-chemistry concentration (dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, cortisol) to reveal the multitudes of morphologies of living (internal and osmotic logic between cells).
3) Aggregation of “volumetric” habitats through task-cellular automata.
4) Developing a mathematical script to generate an emerging structure as a resulting geometry, with structural optimization both incremental and recursive. 
5) Developing a bio-cement, with polymerization specificity to construct physically this (n)certain and complex metabolist fragment.
6) Developing a machinism process to secrete and extrude the biopolymers sticks and realize a weaved system and intricate territory.
7) Releasing the structure from achievement and shape control, to engage a step-by-step re-negotiation of “the movement going to be done”.

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