Stéphanie Nava

Artist (1973)

Stéphanie Nava is interested in spaces of flow, relations—like the city—and their mechanisms, in a mixed production which, depending on the case in point, stems from drawing, photography, sculpture, furniture, or prints.  By allocating plenty of space for the idea of exchange and for words—minimal units of meaning in language—in a determinedly plastic work, Stéphanie Nava sometimes produces works based on the etymology or the power of resonance and personal evocation of certain words and certain sentences.  “What matters to me is questioning the active links between different ways of being, finding how the bridges are developed, and challenging the postures and constructions which organize the connections and spaces in which they take place”, writes the artist.  The issue of the city is of special interest to her in the way it functions, together with its goings-on, and its tensions.  Lieu commun (fondazione e legatura) (2007) offers a particular expression of congestion.  On a set with seemingly precarious stability, mixed constructions, held together by a rubber band, for their part display their geometric rigour and their flawless clarity.  But the tension of the bond which joins them together suggests a potential and fatal smithereening of the city.  Repressed Spaces (2010), a piece of wooden furniture surmounted by 10 framed drawings, contrasts diagrams of well-ordered spaces with graphic designs of bodies in motion, suggesting the incompatibility of their co-existence.  The inhabitable, the uninhabitable, the community, the public and domestic spheres, and the resistances which are formed within a territory are all questioned through many different social, economic and political registers. 

Stéphanie Nava works in Marseille and London.  In 2005, she was awarded an Extra Muros Villa Medicis residency in London.  The artist has regular shows both in France (Maroquinerie, Institut d’Art Contemporain, 2004; Centre de Création Contemporaine, Tours, 2005; Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel, 2008; La Box, Bourges, 2010) and abroad (Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Göteborg, 2006; Santral Istanbul, Istanbul, 2009; Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, 2011.) 

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