Charlotte Moth

Images for Maeve Connolly and Sadie Murdoch, 2010

The Travelogue is a “travel narrative”, a collection of personal images of architectural spaces which Charlotte Moth has been putting together since 1999, from one journey to the next.  These images reflect her experiences, and her relationship to the place in which she finds herself:  the Bauhaus in Dessau, a house at Blekede in Germany, a hotel on the Isle of Wight, Aby Warburg’s home in Hamburg, and the shoe rack in an old temple in Japan.  The interpretation of the 24 images forming this body of work was then handed over to Maeve Connolly, a theoretician of images, and Sadie Murdoch, an artist.  Both women had to react to caption-less images and record their impressions and comments.  Charlotte Moth then created two photo films from the soundtracks of these recordings and from images mainly coming from the commented series.  “Once again in this narrative work, the strongly subjective commentary precedes and determines the arrangement of the images.  The sensibility of the people involved gives rise to two distinct readings of one and the same heterogeneous corpus, containing, in particular, photographs of the Dunkirk neighbourhood known as the “Quartier Excentric”, built in the 1930s by the promoter, architect, and craftsman François Reynaert.  The two women each execute a free and hermeneutic work, and contribute to the unveiling of an enigma, the enigma of their own way of looking at things” (Kathy Alliou). 

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