MIASTO (Michel Lefebvre, Jan Karczewski, Witold Zandfos)

Bagnolet et la banlieue Est de Paris, 1970

With the urban redevelopment project for Bagnolet et la banlieue Est de Paris (1970), MIASTO developed the “biological” approach to territory which it had already developed in the Etude d’une ville à haute densité dans la vallée de la Seine-Vétheuil (1969). Here again, it was the idea of communication between people which took pride of place and defined the urban form through a vast pneumatic system with several circuits, some fast, some slower. Rather than burying them, the architects highlighted the systems of connections in the form of impressive arches acting as load-bearing structures for the city and containing remote-controlled cabins.  “It is the technology of means of transport which defines the occupation of space by creating a new urban landscape.”  What was involved for MIASTO was creating a new Paris-suburb movement by stretching the capital’s busy arteries, without breaking them.

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