Vincent Mauger

Artist (1976)

Vincent Mauger’s works waver between physical and virtual worlds. The artist actually draws new systems of logic from the digital tools of used for designing objects. These latter, usually made with ordinary materials (brick, metal, polystyrene, PVC tubes, wood, paper) associate craftsmanlike construction techniques and digital calculus. The resulting monumental volumes make their complex surfaces reverberate in space—surfaces which are developed on the floor and sometimes on the ceiling, to the point of forming landscapes with rough topographies. Their preparation is such that it leads you to forget the original material, which is completely transcended by the quality of the implementation: the breeze-blocks of the work Untitled, presented in 2008 at the Saint-Denis Biennale, can barely be identified; yellow plastic tubes form an animated surface on the floor (exhibition Landscape Expanding Tools in 2008), the brick-made installation which completely covered the church floor makes it impossible to single out the boundaries between a digital modeling on an infinitely small scale and a tangible monumental landscape. This perpetual to-and-fro between the physical and virtual worlds also informs the projects which Mauger produced during his residency at Issoudun, and other pieces such as The Undercroft (Brighton, 2008), Pliage Ultra Technique at the FRAC des Pays de la Loire (2008), and Château Millesime #2 (2010).

Vincent Mauger (1976) lives and works in Nantes. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2000, and obtained a post-graduate degree at the Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts in Nantes in 2005. Mauger is part of that young generation of artists chosen in 2010 by the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art and the Palais de Tokyo to illustrate the vivacity and interest of contemporary French art (exhibition Dynasty). Vincent Mauger’s works feature in major French public collections (Centre Pompidou, Fonds national d’art contemporain/National Contemporary Art Collection, Fonds régionaux d’art contemporain [FRAC]/Regional Contemporary Art Collections…), and the artist has been very active in the French art scene. In 2007, in particular, he was invited to the “Printemps de Septembre” in Toulouse, and in 2009 to “Estuaire 09” (a solo show at the Lieu Unique venue in Nantes.)

Nadine Labedade

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