MATSYS (Andrew Kudless)


Driven by an interest in science and art, Andrew Kudless is developing a body of work at the intersection of architecture, design and science. The MATSYS Agency, which he founded in 2004, is involved in an experimental and multi-disciplinary approach to architecture, focusing on the emerging relations between architecture, engineering, biology and computation. Its name, which is a contraction of Material Systems, conveys the possible convergence of the sensitive and the systemic. Most of the research that he is developing is based on bio-mimetic principles (Honeycomb Morphology, 2004) and mathematical models (Voronoi Morphology, 2005-2006) capable of finding applications on an architectural scale. Oriented towards the new technologies, his work nevertheless refers to older constructive and structural principles used by architects like Miguel Fisac, Antoni Gaudí and Frei Otto.

An American architect based in San Francisco, where he teaches at the California College of the Arts, in 2004 Andrew Kudless (1975) set up his MATSYS Agency. He has Masters degrees in art (Architectural Association School of Architecture) and architecture (Tulane University School of Architecture). In 1988 he won a Fulbright scholarship (Japan), and in 2004 he won the FEIDAD Prize (Far Eastern International Digital Architecture Design). In 2005 he was awarded the Howard E. LeFevre grant for emerging practices. He was a designer at Allied Works Architecture in Portland (1999-2003), and a consultant in digital design, modelling, and production for the Expedition Engineering Agency in London (1995). His work has been exhibited in particular at the SFMoMA (2009), the Centre Pompidou (Multiversités créatives, (2012) and at Les Turbulences-FRAC Centre (ArchiLab, 2013).

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