Bertrand Lamarche

The Fog Factory, 2005-2011

The Fog Factory is a project devised for the environs of Nancy’s railway station. Located in the very heart of the downtown area, this site was chosen by Lamarche for its commonplace and yet very theatrical atmosphere. At first glance, the maquette of The Fog Factory is made up of 3D reproductions of buildings and different facilities. Installed in the premises of the old post office sorting centre designed by Claude Prouvé, a factory manufactures and pours fog over the whole of the maquette. The layer of mist, artificially self-created by the work, obliterates our vision and our very understanding of the maquette. So the representation is totally devoid of reality. “Through the architectural maquette, Lamarche activates a system in which the model does not refer to an objective form, but to a model of the model, coming across as the image of a fiction in “process”. Lamarche thus once more adds complexity to the status of the work and the onlooker. For what is indeed involved here is making a transformation of the architectural “model” and its analogical way of representation as an atmospheric machine” (Marie-Ange Brayer). With The Fog Factory Bertrand Lamarche transforms the maquette into entropic architecture, while installing a phantasmagorical grid on an existing urban grid, opening the space up into a dimension of heterotopy.

Amélie Evrard

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