Bertrand Lamarche

Réplique, 2008

It is Bertrand Lamarche’s intent to create “atmospheric territories”, in particular through his fog machines and his tornado (vortex) machines. With Replica, an installation consisting of a light projector and a reflector, the artist proposes a generator of organic shapes projected onto a panel which reflects the light effects obtained over an entire wall. In a dark room, a beam of light in fact strikes a frame made of silver mirror paper squeezed by two rotating stylets, projecting on the opposite wall the slow movements of the reflections of the distorted mirror. As a simulacrum free of special effects, this development of forms, which the artist describes as hypnotic, plays with our ability to identify shapes (coils of smoke, insects and the like), and gives rise to an entropic vision of reality. In conjuring up some form of creature in the process of mutating, the ghostly image transforms the arrangement into a phantasmagorical piece of machinery, and creates confusion in the attendant spectator. By questioning morphogenesis through a kinetic experience, this project also evokes the evolving formal systems made possible these days by the different software to which architects have recourse. The system of the installation, with a moving mechanical arm of more than 60 cm. in diameter, involves the presence of the machine and its capacity to produce phenomena. In this way, Lamarche makes systems which will generate processes claiming to be following in the footsteps of Raymond Roussel’s Locus Solus inventions.

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