Bertrand Lamarche

Artist (1966)

Since the mid-1990s, Bertrand Lamarche has been involved in a body of work rooted in imaginative worlds, such as city planning, science fiction, film, cabaret, and meteorological phenomena, through which he questions notions of scale and modelling. His works, with their variety of media (installations, sculptures, videos and performances), develop ideas that are at once conceptual and ecstatic, focused around a few emblematic and recurrent figures:  the city of Nancy as a model of fantasized architecture, and the singer Kate Bush, as an icon. So in The Fog Factory (2005) the artist presents the railway station in Nancy, plunged in mist, transforming the maquette into entropic architecture. With Looping (Kate Bush Remix) (2011), Kate Bush’s obsessive voice paces the perpetual motion of an anamorphic mirror pulled by a record turntable, projecting a ghost-like luminous image. In the end, using recording and live broadcasting mechanisms (Cyclotunnel, Vortex Lounge), and light installations (La Réplique), “the work [of Bertrand Lamarche] is never a form, but invariably an arrangement, giving rise to a plurality of phenomena” (Marie-Ange Brayer). His arrangements of elements cobbled together create hypnotic optical phenomena. The object is never finished, the forms are self-creating, and the works are always in “process”. The immersive effect of his installations and the ever greater number of scenes of perception usually create a loss of spatial and temporal reference, plunging the spectator into an indeterminate state.

Bertrand Lamarche was born in 1966 in Paris, where he lives and works. A graduate of the Ecole nationale supérieure d’art at the Villa Arson in Nice, he has been teaching at the Paris-Malaquais National School of Architecture since 2008. His work has been shown in various solo exhibitions, in particular at the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent (Nuit Blanche 2010), at the Palais de Tokyo (2010), at the Centre Pompidou (2009), at the Contemporary Art Centre in Noisy-le-Sec, and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy. Bertrand Lamarche has also exhibited abroad, at the National Photography Centre in Geneva, at Anthology Film Archives in New York, at Art Chicago, and at the Thread Waxing Space in New York. His works feature in several public and private collections including:  FNAC, MAC/VAL, FRAC Centre, Les Abattoirs in Toulouse, and agnès b. In 2009, a bilingual monographic catalogue was published by Editions HYX (Bertrand Lamarche, The Funnel) and in 2012 he held two solo shows in the Centre Region:  at the CCC in Tours, and at the FRAC Centre.

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