Mathias Klotz

Casa Reutter, Cachaga, 1999

Built in 1968, the Casa Reutter is a vacation house located on a slope amidst a pine forest near Cachaga Beach, 140 km from Santiago, Chili. The project consists of two rectangular boxes, balanced on a wall in such a way as to raise the living area above the level of the trees. The idea was to build a house in the trees, and inside, another house within the house. The box containing the bedrooms and the bathroom surrounds the box for the living area. There are no doors, only sliding walls, which enable the occupants to fully open their bedrooms onto the living area (the smaller box inside the larger one). A third volume, built from concrete and crossing through the main box, serves as the core; it contains the service quarters on the first level; the kitchen and the television room on the second level, and an office on the third. To emphasize the horizontality of the composition, access from the street is by means of a thirty meter bridge that literally arches over the pine trees. From the roof – a huge terrace overlooking the sea – a metallic staircase leads down to a loggia, which is the entrance to the house. From both a structural and spatial point of view, The Casa Reutter is an experiment with stability and tension, intensifying to the extreme the relationship between them.

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