Ai Kitahara

Architecture pour une personne, 2010

Produced in 2010 during her residency at the Georges Daumezon Departmental Hospital Centre in Fleury-les-Aubrais near Orléans, the Architecture pour une personne project offers an axonometric view of the psychiatric care unit. Using CAD, this drawing incorporates 43 micro-architectures in the overall grid of the place. Each one of these “cells”, whose dimensions were calculated based on the arm span of a person 1.70 metres/5’6” tall, forms a minimal private space, with a diameter of 1.40 m/55 inches. Through a spherical sculpture on a 1:10 scale, the artist then formalizes this architecture for one person; a territory of self-withdrawal, but always permeable, a “hands-on” space through this distance which it incorporates within a broader field of interaction. Through this poetics of ambivalence, Aï Kitahara manages to construct a synthetic and symbolic image of the world of confinement.

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