Jakob + MacFarlane

Maison H, Propriano, 2002

The Maison H was digitally designed based on the features of the vast and steep terrain it occupies. Its complex envelop unfolds, seeming to melt into the Corsican landscape of the Propriano site, a result of the desire to fragment the house according to its programmatic requirements (morning house, lunchtime house, guest house, pool, meditation area, etc). This second home of 900 m2 is not simply some sort of imitative extension of the landscape. Solidly anchored to its terrain, the Maison H is nevertheless mobile and adaptable. The cells forming its carapace can dilate in an interaction with the sun, the wind and the movement of occupants. Like an anemone in latex foam, soft yet firm, in a color between the blue of the sea and the green of the surrounding vegetation, it integrates both passively (camouflage) and actively (movement) with its environment. Designed from a model of the terrain and the movement of the cells, it is an exploration of the new possibilities of utilizing digital tools in architectural conception. The Maison H is not an object superimposed on the landscape: on the contrary, like its digital skin, it offers its digital and dialogical imprint. It opens or closes according to the activities and the weather and therefore it has no pre-determined form.

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