Axel Hütte

Commande photographique sur les silos à grains de la région Centre

Axel Hütte is the second German photographer, after Andreas Gursky, to be invited by the FRAC Centre to work on the theme of the region’s silos. Hütte produced a large number of preparatory works—small photographs, either in colour or black-and-white. From them, he printed two large format works: these monumental photographs are grouped as polyptychs associating frontal views of one and the same building with architectural details and graphic signs (the cooperative acronym—CAT--, the logo…). Hütte here juxtaposes the architecture of the “silo-monument” and the cooperative acronym which it is connected with, thus associating the building with its economic reality and its territorial location. The large format of the photographs, which likens them to paintings, and the invasive volume of the silo which saturates almost the whole of the background, plus the monumentalization of the detail, all here bring about a reversal of scales. Concerned with the play of light on the angular and cylindrical volumes of the polished and grooved materials, Hütte lends the image a very particular quality made up of “moderate” colours, abstraction of the white sky, and clearly defined cut-outs of forms aiming at a perception of the landscape as an idea.

Nadine Labedade

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