Rodney Graham

Ponderosa Pine (III), 1991

Overall, Rodney Graham’s work questions systems of perception. The Millennial Project for an Urban Plaza, with Cappuccino Bar and Ponderosa Pine (III) are two complementary works which are a direct part of the artist’s works about optical systems. The photograph of a Ponderosa pine shows the upside-down image of a tree and, through this method of representation, calls to mind the principle of the dark room, used since the 16th century, where, like the retina, the image is imprinted upside-down before the brain rights it. Rodney Graham produced a series of similar photographs of this tree. All of them, in colour and in large format, call into question our perceptive habits—through the presence they impose and their connection with the place—be they to do with imagery or space.
Nadine Labedade

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